How to Get Bigger Forearms

Forearms are without question the most overlooked muscle group when building lean muscle. There are some good reasons for this because they naturally get worked when doing any upper body exercises and as a secondary emphasis when performing heavier leg exercises like squats. That said, how to get bigger forearms is to put the extra work into them.

Genetics does play a part with forearms. Some guys were born with them, and others still seem to grow them easily with their usual upper body exercises.

This article then is focused on those of us who need to put the extra work in to get bigger forearms.

Before I go into the exercises involved I want to make a few points first about how to get bigger forearms without doing any direct exercises for them.

I often talk about the mind and muscle connection. So much about our muscle training is about that finding that connection. Because forearms are always being worked, a good idea is to start becoming aware of them in your workouts.

Begin to feel them work. Focus on them. Start to acknowledge they are a muscle group in their own right and not just an appendage that helps you work out your upper body.

Clearly what I am intimating here is that by being aware of them and focusing on them, you start to see their importance and you start to see the potential for getting bigger forearms.

Let’s look at some key exercises that will help you learn how to get bigger forearms:

How to Get Bigger Forearms with The Barbell Reverse Arm Curl:

The barbell reverse arm curl is a great exercise to get big forearms and for building lean muscle. It is an exercise that must be done with biceps though as it naturally incorporates the bicep muscles.

There are a number of ways you can perform these. This includes experimenting with different arm widths and hand positions on various types of bars and barbells. These can also be performed with dumbbells as well – although I prefer barbells for this movement.

You can also experiment with either your thumb tucked under the barbell, or all fingers and thumb grabbing onto the top of the barbell. This simple variation can make a marked difference in the way the exercise is performed and how it is felt. From a personal point of view, I prefer the latter as it encourages me to really grab the barbell and not just hook the thumbs under for a bit of momentum.

How to Get Bigger Forearms With Dumbbell Wrist Curls:

This is a forearm exercise that isolates the forearm muscles much more than the barbell reverse arm curl. This means you can focus on doing these independent of your bicep workout. These are best performed by kneeling over a bench and resting your wrist palms up at the end of the bench and then simply moving your wrist up and down with the dumbbell.

The variation with wrist curls is that you can change your hand position from palms facing upwards to palms facing downwards and performing the movement by curling the dumbbell with your palms facing down.

The other option is by turning your wrists around so the dumbbells are pointing upwards – this movement is the same hand position as a dumbbell hammer curl except you are only moving the wrists through this movement. This is a smaller and tighter range of movement, but an effective one for bigger forearms.

The dumbbell wrist curl is much better suited to a higher repetition range due to it being an isolation movement. You are wanting to feel the burn and the lactic acid build up when performing this exercise. The muscle pump is much more obvious with wrist curls. The higher repetion range is sometimes needed to stimulate growth as forearms need to be shocked a little to grow. This exercise is an effective exercise in how to get big forearms.

How to Get Bigger Forearms with Dumbbell Hammer Curls:

Like the barbell reverse arm curls, these should be performed with your bicep workouts. These can be performed either sitting down or standing up. As a variation, you can adjust the angle of the bench when doing seated hammer curls to hit the muscle in slightly different ways.

This is an exercise where your mind and muscle focus really needs to lock in. Why? Because it’s also an effective bicep exercise, so the more you concentrate on the forearms, and feeling the forearms, the better this exercise will be for them.

How to get bigger forearms is about focusing on them as a primary muscle group. Mix up the exercises and definitely mix up the repetitions. Work them both with biceps and independently of them.

A good approach would be to use the higher repetition workouts of wrist curls and all the variations of them to be done totally separate from your arm workouts. Focus on much higher repetitions and feeling the burn and lactic acid build up. This will give your forearms a great mix of repetitions and exercises and help you build bigger forearms.

How to get bigger forearms then is to devote time to them alone. Also remember to incorporate the mind and muscle technique in all of your workouts so you get to feel them in other movements. Great way to get bigger forearms is doing calisthenics workouts. Here is a program that is great for doing calisthenics workouts: Bar Brothers review or trying this workout program: Focus T25 review. Once you start doing this, you will start seeing results with building lean muscle and getting bigger forearms.

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