How to Build Muscles

If you are looking at how to build muscles, then I will assume that you are a beginner or perhaps an early stage intermediate muscle trainer or bodybuilder, who is looking at maximizing your efforts in the gym. It’s one of the best questions a beginner can ask because it can save you a lot of time, money and effort.

I will assume again that you know that resistance builds muscles, and when you add a good balanced diet and plenty of rest to that, you get the basic ingredients to help you in building lean muscle mass.

The key to building lean muscle

Keep things as simple as you can – particularly when you are starting out. Why? There’s a few reasons for that, but basically it gets down to the fact that basic muscle training movements have been proven time and again.

The other reason to keep it simple is something called information overload. You simply do not need to get into complex muscle building routines or programs. What you need to do is get into a training habit and get familiar with the basic movements that will help you build lean muscle mass. There are some workout programs that follow this basic guideline. One of these programs is called Old School New Body review.

I strongly recommend you stick to free weights. How to build muscles best is with free weights. It’s that simple.

Train your muscle groups only once a week.

How you break this down into workouts is up to you. By this I mean train your legs once a week, your back once a week, and so on.

I am an advocate of a 3-day workout routine where you work out on alternate days (meaning Monday/Wednesday/Friday for example) and you work out no longer than an hour each time.

This gives you plenty of time to rest – and rest is a key component in how to build muscles fast. Ensure you also eat good food and lots of it. As a beginner, you will be tempted to get into a lot of muscle gain supplements. A good diet should suffice, but if you are really keen on a bit of added nutrition and protein, get a good protein supplement that has plenty of vitamins and minerals added.

Let’s look at a workout routine that will help you how to build muscles working on the 3-day workout as mentioned above:

Monday- Back and biceps:

4 sets of chin ups.
3 sets of lateral pull downs.
3 sets of seated rows or bent over barbell rows.
3 sets of barbell bicep curls.
3 sets of seated dumbbell curls.

Wednesday- Legs and abdominals

5 sets of squats (you can alternate back squats with front squats).
5 sets leg press.
5 sets calf raises.
4 sets of abdominal leg raises.
4 sets sit ups.

Friday- Chest, shoulders and triceps

5 sets of flat barbell bench press
4 sets of incline dumbbell bench press
4 sets of seated dumbbell shoulder press
4 sets of standing upright rows.
4 sets of close grip barbell bench press (lighter weight to 15 repetitions).
4 sets of french press.

The above workout gives you 4 full days off from the gym to grow
It also gives you a day off between workouts to grow. You also have the added advantage of having several days off between training upper body – this maximizes your growth potential and reduces the risk of over training and injury.

In terms of repetition range, always aim for a minimum of 8 good strict repetitions.

If you follow the above guidelines and the given routine, you will learn how to build muscles and get used to training with the basic power exercises that are proven muscle builders.

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