Lose Weight No Exercise?

Whoa?! No way! It simply won’t work, it’s hard enough to already lose weight WITH exercise, right?

Well, no. And that’s a good thing. Let’s face it, we’re faced with increasingly busy lives and for some of us, that means no time to exercise. And besides, other things aside, when faced with either an easy way or a hard way to do something (lose weight), we usually choose the easy way. And it’s for that reason many of us choose to seek information on how to lose weight no exercise necessary.

So, let’s find out! How can we lose weight no exercise involved? Well, first, I want to stop you. That is, if you’re trying to learn the most about this topic that you can. If that’s the case, head to this article I wrote, How to Lose Weight Without Exercising and Breaking the Bank. If not, keep reading for a quick summary of the topic.

Whether you want to gain mass or lose weight, it all comes down to energy. Energy in this case refers to calories, which are really just a unit of energy. Excess energy turns to fat or muscle, and being in an energy deficit will cause weight loss partially because the body will use stored fat for energy. To determine how many calories, you need to reach a specific goal – gain weight, maintain your current weight, or lose weight no exercise included – you need to know how many calories your body uses naturally each day. It’s more often referred to as your maintenance calories, or maintenance calorie level.
There are several ways to calculate your maintenance calories, which I go over in detail in the aforementioned article. They are the estimation method and the tracking method. Both will give you a roundabout figure of how many calories you expend naturally over the course of a day.

From there, we either add or subtract calories. For weight loss, we subtract calories. Conversely, we add calories for gaining mass. Adding or subtracting 500 calories is a good level to start at. This will allow for about 1 pound of weight loss per week, excluding any weight lost as a result of exercise.
You can also add in these helpful dieting tips to speed up your weight loss.
I want to keep this post short, so that’s about it for now. Lastly, I should mention that I always recommend exercise, and it will greatly increase the results and benefits of your weight loss.

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