Weight Training For Weight Loss

One of the great benefits of building lean muscle is that it has the flow on effect of burning fat deposits much more efficiently. It is now a proven scientific fact that the more lean muscle you build, the higher the muscle to fat ratio you will have. Let’s take a look at weight training for weight loss and look at some of the strategies you can use to benefit from it.

If you are one of those people who struggles with your weight, then building lean muscle is a very good strategy to help you once and for all turn the tide.

The chances are that you perhaps have been struggling with your weight due to your muscle to fat ratio – in other words, your lean muscle mass has not been at a level where you can burn off your fat faster.

If you want to fundamentally change that you can. If you want to increase your metabolism so you can burn fat faster you can. You will need to commit to weight training for weight loss if you want lasting results.

It’s really important though that you know and understand the best exercises that will encourage maximum results for you. This means avoiding those isolation exercises and machines that you often see in gyms.

You see, you want to build muscle efficiently, and I’m guessing relatively quickly. Focusing on major muscle groups and those exercises that are considered basic movements will change your muscle to fat ratio considerably - thus helping you finally get the results you could not achieve prior to weight training for weight loss.

It’s important to note however that building lean muscle should not be solely considered as just a fat burning exercise. There are so many benefits in building lean muscle for life that you will want to start focusing on the bigger picture.

I recommend that you sit down and write out all of the benefits that you are getting from your weight training. Why do this you say? Good question!

The more reasons you have to continue weight training for weight loss, the stronger it will become a major focus and factor in your way of life. Lasting results come from consistency and discipline when it comes to building lean muscle.

What we need to do now is create a program that you can do to help you build lean muscle and burn your fat. Let’s get started!

I strongly recommend 3-day training routines on alternate days. What is this? Its training with a day’s rest in between to enable rest, recovery, and muscle growth.

For example, you would train Monday, Wednesday and then Friday. This gives you 4 full days to recover from your weight training for weight loss workouts.

I also recommend no longer than 1 hour for each session. If you take longer than that you are going too slow and need to increase your intensity. Of course, you have to start somewhere, so understand initially that it will be challenging.

The Weight Training for Weight Loss Workout

Monday: Back and biceps

Seated rowing
Lateral pull downs
Weight assisted machine chin ups
Bicep curls (both barbell and dumbbell to be alternated each workout)

Wednesday: Legs and abdominals

Squats (variations can be used from the usual back squat to front squats)
Leg press
Calf raises
Sit ups (these can be a mix of exercises like abdominal crunches, leg raises or specific core exercises)

Friday: Chest, shoulders and triceps

Flat bench press (alternate barbells and dumbbells)
Incline bench press
Dumbbell shoulder press
Parallel bar dips (weight assisted on machine if available)
Close grip bench press for triceps
As mentioned earlier, the beauty of this workout is the amount of rest you get in between workouts to grow. You will notice you train upper body on Monday and Friday. This gives you plenty of recovery time when working upper body.

I have deliberately kept the number of exercises to a minimum. You only need to stick to basics. Do not get distracted – stick to basics to get best results.

You will also notice where I have added weight assisted chin ups and parallel bar dips to your workout routines. These are superior exercises that are great muscle builders and strength trainers – however they are difficult to perform if you are carrying extra weight.

Therefore, if you attend a gym that has weight assisted chin ups and parallel bar dips then do these. Whilst I am not a big advocate of machine weights generally speaking, its so important you get used to these movements. The goal is to gradually get stronger where you can reduce or permanently remove the weight assisted exercises so you can perform them with your own bodyweight.

So, the goal is to perform functional exercises that are basic movements that maximize muscle growth.

As for the further details on the workout routine, I recommend you stick to a repetition range of between 10 – 15 repetitions. Maintain strict form at all times.

Get into good weight training for weight loss habits initially, and you will keep them for life.

Remember though that your weight training should evolve and your focus should move away from weight training for weight loss, to weight training to maintain a fit healthy body where the primary focus is to build lean muscle for life.

Another key point I really want you to understand in your training is that so much of this is determined by your thinking and the mind and muscle connection as I like to refer to it as.

As you develop more confidence, and as your lean muscle continues to grow, you will naturally see less fat deposits on your body. It’s important you make the mind shift and the necessary connection to building lean muscle rather than weight training for weight loss.

In other words, you start training from a more positive body focus perspective. You will no longer be training to get rid of a fat and overweight body, you will be training to maintain a body that is constantly improving and building lean muscle for life.

In other words, weight training for weight loss is just the first stage of your development. Make sure you see, and plan for the bigger picture.

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