How to Gain Muscle Without Weights

It is wrongly assumed that to build lean muscle you either need to go to a gym, or you need to use free weights or machines. In fact, by just using body weight training you have plenty of options. This article will show you how to gain muscle without using weights easily and effectively.

There are any number of exercises you can perform that will help you in building muscle without weights that will target all the muscles of your body. The following body weight training work out exercise and routine is a great place to start:

Chin ups – this exercise will be the basis of your back and biceps building routine. All you need to do is either find a nearby park with one of these or set one up yourself at home. The key here is to vary your grip. By doing this, and by changing the direction of your palms (facing inward and outwards) you have many variations to build lean muscle.

Pushups – like chin ups this is another excellent exercise for bodyweight training. There are any number of variations you can use to hit different parts of your upper body. Your chest, shoulders and triceps will be worked here. By placing your arms closer together, you put more emphasis on your triceps.

Parallel bar dips – you may or may not have access to one of these set ups. They are easy to make though as the name suggests they are merely two parallel bars place about shoulder width apart. You perform these by lowering yourself down between the bars then lifting yourself back up. These are a fantastic strength and muscle building exercise that build chest, shoulders and triceps. This exercise, along with chin ups, would be the best body weight training upper body exercise regarding how to gain muscle without weights

Squats – these are performed simply by standing on the spot, or you can get a better range of movement by doing them on some stairs.
Sit ups – a self-explanatory exercise that has multiple variations.

The above routine will give you an excellent work out and will help you build lean muscle mass. How to gain muscle mass without weights as you can see is simple enough. The routine given will work all of your body, and should be performed no more than every 4 days. Ensure plenty of rest in between workouts.

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