How to Get Muscles Fast Involves Mind and Muscle

How to get muscles fast is one of the most commonly asked questions in the muscle training and bodybuilding world. And there are literally hundreds of ways and techniques that are available right now that will tell you how to do it. I will state this very clearly first up though, you really need to work on the mind and muscle connection to maximize your muscle gains.

I’ve been maintaining and building lean muscle for over twenty years now so I’ve seen a lot of training techniques come and go that promise to show you how to get muscles fast. Most are sound in their approach and their explanations.

But the crucial factor in this is to ensure you are ready – both physically and mentally. This means your mental preparation and expectation needs to be high. How do you do this? You do it with a mind and muscle approach to your training.

So, what is mind and muscle training and how can it help you to get muscles fast?

Mind and muscle training is about a mindset. It involves visualization. It is about focusing on the body and the results you want. It’s also about having a specific plan and a steely resolve to succeed. The mind and muscle connection is about your mind reinforcing the workout. Doing Yoga is great for mind and muscle training and great for overall health also.

This mind and muscle approach can be applied in different ways. I often visualize or imagine myself working out before I go into the gym. I see myself training before I train. I visualize my body, how it looks and how it works.

I do this before, during and after my workouts. In fact, I have an image in my mind that is fairly constant about how I look, feel and workout. After a while it becomes a natural thing to do. I think building lean muscle is about building the mind and muscle connection.

How to build muscles fast then is to not only have this mind set, but it also requires you have a plan to approach your workouts.

You need to work within a time frame. I say no more than one hour in the gym. I am also a big advocate of plenty of rest. This means that I rarely workout two days in a row. To grow, a body needs to rest. The other important component of that is that it enables the body to repair and thus avoid, or minimize injury. This is especially important for the over forty muscle trainers.

The other important component in how to build muscles fast, is to keep your training routines simple and basic. The 21 Day Fix review program keeps your training routines simple and basic as possible. By that I mean basic exercises. Basic movements build lean muscle. Keep these movements to free weights and always practice strict form to avoid injury.

How to get muscles fast is a relatively simple process. You train hard and you train with free weights and perform basic mass building movements. You ensure you get plenty of rest to grow. You ensure you eat well. The secret piece of the puzzle here is that you develop that mind and muscle connection. Remember your mind is a powerful muscle too!

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